True Way Deliverance Vision

  1. Mother NixonThe members of TWDCI will have fellowship, relationship, and come into communion with the Lord in their daily lives.
  2. The ministry will be birthed into TWDCI member’s spirit that they will uphold and supporte wholeheartedly.
  3. The members of TWDCI will be faithful, dedicated and committed; first to the Lord, the pastor, the church and each other.
  4. The fivefold ministry will be present and the gifts of the Spirit in operation within TWDCI Ministries.
  5. The members of TWDCI will experience praise and worship on a high order, individually and cooperatively.
  6. The members of TWDCI will have a disciplined prayer life; intercessors and prayer warriors will be made manifest in the results of prayers seen and heard.
  7. The members of TWDCI will understand spiritual value of fasting and shut in; they will willingly take part.
  8. The Praise & Worship Team, the choirs and musicians will realize their position as a ministry before God; they will sing and play to the glory of God; healings deliverance and repentance will be a result of their ministry unto the Lord.
  9. The Pastors, Elders, Ministers and Deacons of the Fellowship will study, meditate, and spend time with God in the Word that they may be able to rightly divide the Word of Truth.
  10. The members of TWDCI will build a temple for the Lord.