Usher Board – The Ministry of the Usher goes far beyond opening a door. The purpose of this ministry is to assist in making members and visitors feel comfortable, and to lend spiritual dignity to the church service.  This ministry is to reflect the Christian dedication of the pastor and all who come to worship. Ushers are the most important people in the church because they provide visitors with the first and last impression.

booNurses Board – To provide comfort and support to members and visitors during; regular worship services, funerals, and special events. This ministry requires representatives being present 15 – 30 minutes prior to designated services. To be dressed in required uniform attire and ready to assist pastors and pulpit guests with comfort and care. 

Pastors Aide Ministry – Is to support the Pastor spiritually, financially, and emotionally through a variety of fund-raisers, activities and other services.  The members of the ministry are assigned to take responsibility for providing various items and supplies for pas-aide-1the Pastor to accommodate his office and pulpit.  The ministry also spearheads the church in celebrating Pastor’s anniversary, birthday, appreciation events, meetings and other special occasions.  Every Pastor aide member is responsible for understanding that the ultimate goal is to be a blessing to the Blessing that God has given us. 

Altar Workers – An Altar Worker is a “servant,” ready, willing and able to serve the Body altar-server-2of Christ.  The Altar Worker Ministry is a “Front Line” Ministry where altar workers serve, assist and work first hand with the Pastor, visiting pastors, evangelist, leaders and other clergy.  More importantly, altar workers labor first hand with souls (individuals who are receiving ministry) after giving their lives to Christ for the first time, assuring their salvation or rededication.  Altar workers serve and interact with people during prayer, salvation, rededication and when directed by pastors. 

Parking Attendees Ministry – Their mission is to glorify God by reflecting Christ’s love parking-lot-1while servicing the church body and visitors by assisting in directions for parking during worship services and events and maintaining order on the parking grounds.  The goal of the parking ministry is to promote a Christ centered, safe, stress free environment that promotes a positive worship experience.